Greetings from Wild Oak

We are committed to great food, specialty drinks, and our community

We welcome you to our hometown

Wild Oak Café encapsulates the small-town charm of Armstrong. If you are a local, we think you will agree.

Yes, coffee is a day-maker, but better still is the kindness and generosity shared with the everyday people you encounter. At Wild Oak, we want to cheer you on in more ways than just satisfying your thirst or hunger.

We extend a warm welcome to everyone.

Our ingredients are local and fresh.

Our food and drinks are deluxe.

Our menu is creative to match the seasons.

We know that homemade is best.

Meet Elizabeth

Café-owner and skilled artisan

an Armstrong girl with an aptitude for great food. She is creative, vivacious, and smart. Her uninhibited ambition is not for the faint of heart (says her family).

After graduating high school, Elizabeth, a natural with horses, bought a horse trailer to transform it into a rolling coffee bar. When the sudden opportunity to purchase Wild Oak Café surpassed her initial business idea, Elizabeth decided to purchase the local café instead, becoming the new owner in February 2021.

We hope to see you soon!

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